Zahrat Al-Sawsan Charity Medical Center

Zahrat Al-Sawsan Charitable Medical Center in Lebanon is a non-profit organization working to provide health care to individuals in Lebanon. The center aims to improve the healthy life of those in need and to provide high-quality medical services.

Zahrat Al-Sawsan offers a wide range of medical services, including medical consultations, physiotherapy, dental care, laboratory tests, and minor surgeries.
The center's team of specialized doctors and nurses works to provide comprehensive care to patients and meet their medical needs.
In addition to health care, the Zahrat al-Isawsan Center also works to provide psychosocial support to patients and their families. The center aims to promote health awareness and educate the community about important health issues.
The Zahrat Al-Sawsan Center relies on donations and contributions from individuals and institutions to finance its activities. The organization works to achieve its vision of providing appropriate health care to all, regardless of their financial situation.
Through the efforts of the team, Zahrat Al-Sawsan Charitable Medical Center seeks to build a healthier, stronger, and more prosperous society in Lebanon.

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